Dear all we have very unfortunate news: A word from Faisal his management >

“Met spijt moet ik melden dat Faisal wegens ziekte en op doktersadvies niet zal kunnen spelen dit weekend. Het is altijd jammer om mensen te moeten teleurstellen, maar er zit helaas niks anders op dan z’n set te annuleren. We hopen op jullie begrip, hopelijk kunnen we op een beter moment een nieuwe datum prikken. “

But we hope Faisal will recover soon to spread his love and joy over our dancefloors.
Out of respect for him, we will close our doors this Friday and all tickets sold in presale will automatically be refunded.

The end of the earth is upon us
Pretty soon it’ll all turn to dust
Go a thousand miles in a jet airplane
Go out of your mind go insane
To a place, you have never been before
Eat ice cream our you’ll lick the floor

FAISAL & Guest all night long.

presale and early birds online Friday 28.09 – 13 PM.

More news as it breaks

In order to verify your age, ID may be requested.
For this reason, we advise that all customers bring valid ID.