Ampere is proud to present a night of stipped-down techno & house with two veterans and three local but established artists.

Daniel Bell aka DBX (Plus 8 – Accelerate – Peacefrog)
Steve O’Sullivan Live (Bluetrain – Sushitech – трип)
Pur Sang aka Delbaen & Veebo

Daniel Bell is considered one of the founding fathers of minimal techno, with his stripped down approach. His most notable alias is DBX, which in 1994 he released “Losing Control”, a monument of stripped down Detroit techno and considered an all-time techno classic. It combines a back-to-basics kick and open hi-hat , throbbing bass line and spacey FX and vocals to create a sound that is simultaneously an assault on the auditory senses and yet minimal. By the late 1990’s Germany – particularly Berlin – was becoming the epicentre of the nascent Minimal Techno scene and unsurprisingly Daniel Bell relocated there in 2000. That same year he released his mix album ‘The Button Down Mind Of Daniel Bell’ on legendary Berlin label Tresor.
Still active to this day, it’s a true honour to welcome a pioneer of the minimal techno for an exclusive DJ set. Are you ready to lose control?

UK based producer Steve O’Sullivan is back in Ampere. Head of Bluetrain Records & Mosaic, two important labels that offer a sound between house and minimal dub techno, where the British producer has released most of his work under different names (Bluetrain, The Wise Caucasian being the two big ones). One can define his sound as slowly-evolving, minimal, soulful club tracks with Dub influences. He has proven himself as a springboard for some of the finest talents out there, including Steve Bug, Baby Ford, Deepchord , Roman Flugel, Ben Sims, Mark Broom, and Ricardo Villalobos, to name just a few.
After taking a long sabbatical from the scene in 2003 Steve returned to music production in 2013 and strong ties with Sushitech were quickly established with the ‘Mosaic Reshaped’ and ‘Bluetrain Retrospective’ compilations. A slew of high quality releases and remixes have followed on Sushitech, Mosaic and other imprints over the last 7 years covering a range of styles from deep dubbed out techno to minimal house.
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We stand united against all forms of racism, bigotry, sexism and violence. Let’s enjoy the night with solidarity, respect & love.