Ampere proudly presents the return of the legendary label Cocoon to Antwerp.

Sven Väth his Cocoon story started in Frankfurt. Quickly the figurehead for a techno revolution in Germany that was to spread far and wide. Worldwide. Setting sail alone, this was 1981 and this was new. The Omen Club and so many other adventures punctuated this period, getting the sound out there . Vinyl then, vinyl now. Parties that mattered and changed things. Parties that reinforced a vision and eventually gave birth to Cocoon.

An extraordinary residency in one of the best clubs in the world was unleashed in 1999. Cocoon Ibiza, Amnesia on a Monday night. Now 16 years of parties that have set new standards in production and have never compromised on what matters, the music. An incredible risk became, and still is, one of the great successes in modern music and clubbing. A phenomenon now attracting more than 80,000 visitors in a 4 month season with Sven Väth front and centre throughout.

We are proud to host the Belgium Cocoon night at Ampere complete with some of their best artists, dancers and visuals.

JOSH WINK (cocoon, ovum) US
SUBB AN (cocoon, crosstown rebels) UK
EINZELKIND (cocoon, playhouse) DE
SPECIAL GUEST (to be announced soon)


This night features the official Cocoon girls.

tickets presale early birds € 10
tickets presale regular € 15


resident advisor tickets:


When you’re as iconic a figure as Josh Wink, it’s not so easy to sum up a career in a few words—but there are a couple of terms that might serve to get a handle on the seminal electronic-music producer’s lifework. One of the most apt, certainly, would be longevity. A brief scan of Wink’s mammoth résumé reveals the following: Early-’80 days as an underage mobile DJ; a major role in fostering his native Philadelphia’s burgeoning warehouse scene during the house-music explosion later that decade; name-making ’90s club hits like “Don’t Laugh,” “Higher State of Consciousness” and “I’m Ready”; a label, Ovum Recordings, that’s undisputedly one of the most essential dance-music imprints; and his current position, after all these years, as one of the scene’s most vibrant and creative DJs and producers (witness the critical success of his 2009 long-player When A Banana Was Just A Banana).

Another word one could use to encapsulate Wink’s oeuvre is versatility. From the twisting, acidic breakbeat of the aforementioned “Higher States” to the organ-groove deepness of 2008’s “Stay Out All Night,” and from the pulsating ambience of 1996’s “Horizontal Dancing” to the streamline liquid techno of his recent remix of Agaric’s “Who Made Up the Rules”—with side trips along the way for drum ’n’ bass beats and hip-hop rhythms (Wink was a regular at West Philly DJ battles as a kid)—his sound ranges as far and wide as anyone’s. The same could be said for Ovum as well, which over the 16 years has released music from such varied artists as dream- vibe drum ’n’ bass specialist Jamie Myerson, Wild Pitch originator DJ Pierre and jack-track master DJ Sneak, to mention but a few. As with Wink’s own material, it’s timeless music—you could play a cut like David Alvarado’s swirling, percussion-drenched “Klugh” at a techno hoedown today, and it would sound as fresh as it did upon its late-’90s release; as with most of Ovum’s catalog, it’s music that’s not defined by time or trends.

Which brings us to our final term: integrity. It’s a trait that Wink possesses by the crateful, one that’s carried him through the vagaries of dance music’s endless cycles. Some who hit big when Wink did are content to live off past successes; others chase trends in an effort to stay relevant. But Wink has always been happy—determined, really, to do his own thing and follow his own path—if the music sells and the gigs keep coming, that’s great, but that’s not why he’s still in the game. “I got into this because it was something that I lived and ate and breathed,” Wink says. “There was so much passion for the music, there was nothing else for me. Whatever notoriety and success had come from this, it’s kind of a mistake, a byproduct, and I never planned for that. I never knew I could make a living from doing what I loved when I was a teenager; my parents thought it was a fad, actually.” And what do his folks think now over 25 years later? “Oh,” he says with a chuckle,” they love it.”


A dynamic producer with a firm understanding of what it takes to move a dancefloor, Subb-an’s music has more than a little mystery about it. His productions are deep, raw, soul heavy and although always achingly relevant, glance backwards through a long lineage of house masters. As a DJ, his sets pass between house and deep techno, balancing swing, groove and potent bottom end notes. His killer live set is tinged with techno and more than a few straight dancefloor weapons, each set so far unique in its delivery for every performance. He releases across Crosstown Rebels, Spectral Sound and his own imprint One Records, where he conspires with his close friend and fellow party instigator Adam Shelton, appearing regularly for institutions such as Circo Loco, Cocoon, fabric, Panorama Bar and more. An artist well and truly in his stride and with so many different aspects to his talent, Subb-an will no doubt continue to blaze an increasingly unique trail.


Blabla..Kraftwerk..blablabla..Music was his first love..
blabla..Father had a record collection or played in a band..blablablabla..Omen..
blababla..Sven Väth..blabalabl..Detroit..Chicago…blabla…Bar25..blablababl..Berlin.. the best dj in the world…
ballabla..first turntable when he was three.
.Blabla..fuckinvoodooacidgoatribaljazztechousesync style..
blabla played all over the world from Braunschweig to Bottrop…blabla..Ricardo..
blabla..ibiza..blabla…Luciano gave me heart signal when he played..
blablabla…Robert Johnson…..blablablabl…Panorama bar….blabalbllb

Well we guess that sums up all about Einzelkind.


Watch this page for our special guest to be announced soon.