Ampere proudly present the first in a series of Cadenza label nights, featuring Valentino Kanzyani, Eduardo De La Calle, Cesar Merveille, supported by Joachim.


Started in 2003 by Luciano and Quenum in Switzerland, Cadenza releases minimal techno and house with an organic and improvised feel. The label became one of the foundations of the global electronic music scene, pushing the world-famous Vagabundos residency in Space, Ibiza. Cadenza presents a space for music to grow, rise and blossom. It is an accessible platform created to receive new people, projects and their influences. By continously searching and progressing, we are a part of the evolution. We are all spiritual people, free as our music, and we live for that reason.

Aether is the brainchild of Luciano, striving to provide a platform for the development of its artists’ careers and creative endeavors, as well as for their personal growth and musical achievements.



As a founding father of Slovenian techno, Valentino Kanzyani has been involved in the country’s dance scene since the mid 1990s. A celebrated DJ first and foremost, Valentino built a solid reputation for himself whilst he was resident spinner of Ambasada Gavioli – Slovenia’s most famous electronic music club.


EDUARDO DE LA CALLE presents LIVE AV: MACRO (Cadenza, Aether), ES

Eduardo De La Calle, dj and producer since the early nineties is the man behind the labels Analog Solutions, Suprawax and Edits, aswell as the director of the documentary film BEATZ. His vinyl only DJ sets are an inherent combination of different sounds and eras making them a unique and peculiar experience.


CESAR MERVEILLE (Cadenza, Aether), FR

Dance music was always meant to be about having fun. It’s an ethos that has not escaped Cesar Merveille, the Paris-born enchanter whose ascent through the ranks of European house and techno has been powered by an irrepressible joie de vivre matched only by a desire to be challenged by everything that he does. Constantly feeding off his environment for inspiration, “food for the mind” as he calls it, Cesar’s unbridled energy finds him operating both as a world-class DJ performing to thousands and as a boutique artist embracing invention whilst forever committed to his grounding principle of music as pleasure.


JOACHIM (Sound Architecture, Ampere)

Ampere founder & resident.



Doors: 23h

Tickets: €12