Hosting a Bassiani Showcase with Tbilisi’s finest NDRX & Kancheli wth techno heavyweight Dr. Rubinstein.

Originally based in Tbilisi, Georgia, Bassiani is regarded as one of the best techno club in the world. Operating in the shadows and far from social media, Bassiani is a collective movement that stands at the forefront of social changes in Georgia, speaking loudly against inequality, high level of injustice and discrimination. The club made the headlines back in 2018 when the police forces raided the club and arrested the owners. Ravers hit the streets the following day, to protest against these arrests, the police raids and the suspected smear campaigns from right-wing groups. Founded in 2014, the club is considered the best in Tbilisi and one of the best techno club in the world. It has become an identity, and is now deeply anchored in the DNA of ravers across Georgia. It’s a true honour to host a Bassiani Showcase in Ampere with Bassiani’s residents Kancheli and NDRX, alongside a regular headliner of Bassiani in the name of Dr Rubinstein. Supported by our own Laurens.
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