Ampere proudly shines the light on one of it’s finest residents and when this also includes his Birthday, we should better make it count double. So alongside his friends and residents we are pulling out all the fireworks, cupcakes, vodka shots and a very special guest that goes under the name of Tony Lionni who singlehanded is responsible for some of the finest Sunday Matinee hits, the parties that character our beloved resident and friend, Arne.

And you are invited to bash, So let’s make it count.

TONY LIONNI (Ostgut Ton, Freerange Music Versatile) DE

ARNE (Sunday Matinee, Ampere) BE

CALVACHE (Sunday Matinee, Ampere) BE

DELBAEN (Sunday Matinee, Ampere) BE

PIRRÈS (In Your Face, Ampere) BE

Whether it’s house or techno that floats your musical boat, the chances are that you’ll have seen Tony Lionni’s name cropping up on new release lists at an almost alarming frequency. Lionni has only been releasing music for just over a year now but has already amassed quite a catalog of releases on a series of well-respected labels. Versatile, Aesthetic Audio, Wave, Mule, Figure and Ostgut Ton are just some of the imprints that have committed his house and techno fusion to wax, and there’s very little sign of Lionni’s frenetic work rate slowing up. Electronic music wasn’t Lionni’s first musical passion, however. As a B-boy with Manchester-based collective The Rebels In Effect, Lionni fully immersed himself into the fresh and exciting world of hip-hop, before proceeding to research and DJ a wide spectrum of black electronic and house music.

presale € 8 euro
time 23:00 – 07:00