The always adventurer Copenhagen-via-Moscow producer/DJ has been at it for a while. Described as an uncompromising force of nature that shifts sounds and tempos at a moment’s notice, she weaves a web that incorporates barreling breaks, blistering techno and buoyant electro in scintillating fashion.


There are a few reasons it’s a snug fit: for a start, the immediate associations are smoke and strobes, lasers and lights, big-league rave bliss and barely-marshalled sonic chaos; that is to say, maximum fun from a dancefloor perspective, something Kristensen keenly channels as a DJ. The character she exudes as a person, and not just a playlist-for-hire, mirrors it too: a whirlwind in the booth, it’s rare not to see her wide grin glinting through a motion blur of fader tricks, sashaying and vigorous air drumming. There’s also the perfection of imperfection in a flash of energy, a sense of freedom in the face of stultifying codes and norms. Kristensen embodies this, giving the best show of herself in any given point of time without being performative or buttoned-up. It makes for a refreshingly authentic and human to her burgeoning career in music, a gift that makes curious onlookers instant fans. You watch her going for it with unguarded emotion and gregarious expression, punching in the drums, chopping the faders, unleashing bangers, seizing the moment with a grin, and you think: That could be me up there.



“Warlotte de Chitte, aka, the “Priestess of Debauchery,” has developed a strong predilection for drum machines, ether and Chicago ghetto house mixed together in a small china bowl, into which she scatters white rose petals. Once these are sufficiently marinated she eats the petals one by one until she falls into a delicious state of 909. The result is heady concoction which de Chitte describes as HARD FEMINIST HOUSE. Check out her releases on the French label Besançon Rythmique Club @ghetto25rpz with more Dance Traxxx available through her Bandcamp. De Chitte can often be seen around Berlin, Antigua and Barbuda with her pet cat draped around her neck.


Long-time contributor to the bustling Antwerp music scene as the co-organiser of Feiern and as part of the Sunday Matinee collective (known to all for kick-starting a vibrant open air scene in the city), Laurens is a name that will definitely ring a bell for any Belgium nightlife regular. Ampere resident since the early days, his sound has now evolved into the deeper side of techno. We’re just counting down the days for him to release the material he has been working on the past couple of years…