Ampere proudly presents some of the finest names underground electronic music has to offer, a journey through sounds for those who know…

Aleksi Perala | rephlex. colundi. ocuva. трип | Finland
Luigi Tozzi | hypnus. outis music. semantica | Italy
Evigt Mörker | northern Electronics. semantica | Sweden
Matts Brouns | drrrip radio. warm. ampere | Belgium

Doors: 23:00
Curfew: 07:00


Aleksi Perälä

Born in Finland in 1976, Aleksi Perälä has been an independent producer and a electronic music composer for over 20 years. His latest album is the first LP release for the Clone Basement Series, exploring the spiritual side of techno with the Colundi Sequence- showcasing the multiplicity of emotions and conditions as defined through the Colundi Scales; 128 resonant frequencies chosen via experimentation and philosophy, each relating to a specific human bio-resonance, psychology, traditional mysticism or belief, which does you good whether you like it or not…


Luigi Tozzi

Hailing from the deepest realms of hypnotic ambient techno, Italian producer Luigi Tozzi is one of the most exciting artists to have surfaced onto the scene in recent times. Debuting in 2014 with his ‘Deep Blue‘ EP on Hypnus Records, he has since released music through Outis Music and Mental Modern. Based in Rome, Luigi has forged a very personal approach to electronic music, influenced by his beliefs and defined personality.


Evigt Mörker:

Surrounded by dense forest landscapes and a family with a keen interest in music, Evigt Mörker started making music in 1996. After dabbling in rock and punk bands it was electronic music that changed his perception of music forever. Always searching for sounds with enigmatic and hypnotic qualities an encounter withthe thriving Swedish techno scene in the late 90s laid ground for his musical compositions to come. In 2013 he started his eponymous label on which he has released three highly sought after EP’s, and has worked closely with labels such as Northern Electronics and Semantica. His music has been described as having a strong connection with the tradition of Swedish melancholy but never without the sense of salvation lurking in the shadows.


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