If we can’t
Get Physical
Let’s Do This Digital…

Join us for 3 consecutive weekends filled with some of Belgium’s finest artists serving you the best in electronic music, fashion, performances, exclusive interviews, cocktails & food delivered at your door.

With more than 40 hours of live streams full of music, fashion, interviews and visuals, we’re bringing the festival experience in collaboration with Deliveroo, Seppe Nobels, Coctails at Nine and Absolut to your homes.

Last year we organized our first summer festival with five stages and more than eight thousand visitors on the Middenvijver. This year our second edition of “Ampere Open Air” cannot take place and we’re also closed for an indefinite period of time due to COVID. That is why we renamed the concept to a free digital festival from 2 to 18 July. Partygoers will be able to enjoy a festival experience in complete safety at home with their own bubble.

“We were the first to close and the last to open again”


For a month, we recorded some well known local artists such as Yves Deruyter, Lefto, Faisal, Marco Bailey, but also Bert Libeert from Goose and Jeroen de Pessemier from The Subs. The result is 3 weekends filled with the best home-grown electronic music. In addition to the DJ sets and live performances, we also have in-depth interviews, which further discussed the artist’s current situation. For example, Yves Deruyter tells how he overcame the battle against corona.

“Most people are getting back to work, but for us artists, the end is not there yet,” sighs Jeroen De Pessemier, who plays as One Track Brain solo on Ampere On Air. “It’s very frustrating. That’s why it is fantastic that concepts such as this digital festival exist. An ordinary live stream from a DJ at home is quickly worn out. It is the function of clubs and festivals to bring people together. It is very strange that we have to miss that experience for so long, the emotional impact of which cannot be underestimated. Plans made on the dance floor, couples falling in love, it’s all gone. Ampere tries to keep that feeling, the most important function of a club, alive. I like to participate in something like this”


A full festival experience is not complete without food and drinks. Therefore we partnered up with chef Seppe Nobels of the Antwerp restaurant Graanmarkt 13, the world’s highest-rated best vegetable restaurant in Flanders. He’s also known as a TV face at Grillmasters. In addition, the mixologists behind the famous cocktail bar Cocktails at Nine from Antwerp provide a number of Signature Cocktails in addition to the Ampere classics.

Ampere ON Air Healthy Bites by Seppe Nobels (1 box is for 2 people)

There are 7 bites or dishes. Each with one superfood in the main role.

– Carpaccio of Belgian beef with abbey cheese from the Kempen and backpacker beef crumble. Wild picked herbs from Graanmarkt 13’s field, cream of fermented garlic and sweet onion.
– Hummus from hemp, pea and chickpea, smoked on hay.
– Sour flat bread with a dip of kale, olive and tomato seeds.
– Ceviche of beetroot, lime, red onion, sesame, coriander.
– Pointed cabbage on the bbq with anchovies with a cream of wheatgrass and roasted almonds.
– Beetroot shot with fir and Limburg apples.
– Raw cocoa with blueberries, sour cream and goji berries.

Viewers, listeners and residents living in Antwerp will be able to order complete box of healthy power food and cocktails via the popular Deliveroo app at the temporary “Ampere On Air x Seppe Nobels & Cocktails at Nine” shop. The box will be delivered at home or can be picked up at Ampere. You don’t have to be a kitchen princess, all preparations are ready-made. Inspired by the vibrant high-end order and take-away cuisine of New York and Los Angeles, together with Seppe Nobels we take this trend to a higher level for Antwerp.

LINE UP (in alphabetical order per weekend)

July 02-03-04-05
Dtm Funk
Lost desert
Marco Bailey
Nico Morano
Romane Gladier
Romeo Lothy
Stellar Om Source

July 10-11-12
Dana Montana
Emily Jeanne
Mati Drome
One Track Brain
Shayli Harrison

July 17-18
London Calling
Red D
Ramon Tapia
Renaat Vandepapeliere
Yves Deruyter



Everyone is selflessly involved in this festival, you can support the artists and us in these difficult times by placing an order via Deliveroo during the three weekends. Support by buying an Ampere T-Shirt, sweater, Tote bag or an album on vinyl from the artists involved in the live streams. There is also the possibility to make a donation to help the artists and Ampere through the summer. This way you can support the Antwerp night culture and the artists because they were the first to close their doors and are also the last to open their doors again and when is still very uncertain. Show some love and support your nightlife.

All info & exact schedule on Facebook HERE

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