A full festival experience is not complete without food and drinks. Therefore we partnered up with chef Seppe Nobels of the Antwerp restaurant Graanmarkt 13, the world’s highest-rated best vegetable restaurant in Flanders. He’s also known as a TV face at Grillmasters. In addition, the mixologists behind the famous cocktail bar Cocktails at Nine from Antwerp provide a number of Signature Cocktails in addition to the Ampere classics.

Ampere ON Air Healthy Bites by Seppe Nobels (1 box is for 2 people)

There are 7 bites or dishes. Each with one superfood in the main role.

– Carpaccio of Belgian beef with abbey cheese from the Kempen and backpacker beef crumbles. Wild picked herbs from Graanmarkt 13’s field, cream of fermented garlic and sweet onion.
– Hummus from hemp, pea, and chickpea, smoked on hay.
– Sour flatbread with a dip of kale, olive and tomato seeds.
– Ceviche of beetroot, lime, red onion, sesame, coriander.
– Pointed cabbage on the bbq with anchovies with cream of wheatgrass and roasted almonds.
– Beetroot shot with fir and Limburg apples.
– Raw cocoa with blueberries, sour cream and goji berries.

Viewers, listeners and residents living in Antwerp will be able to order a complete box of healthy power food and cocktails via the popular Deliveroo app at the temporary “Ampere On Air x Seppe Nobels & Cocktails at Nine” shop. The box will be delivered at home or can be picked up at Ampere. You don’t have to be a kitchen princess, all preparations are ready-made. Inspired by the vibrant high-end order and take-away cuisine of New York and Los Angeles, together with Seppe Nobels we take this trend to a higher level for Antwerp.