Bringing together Chicago house legend Mike Dunn and the raw and uncut acid sounds of the mysterious Paranoid London, also present at our Dimensions Festival stage last summer, this can only prove to be a recipe for a night you won’t forget.


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PARANOID LONDON LIVE (Paranoid London Records) UK

Paranoid London was born out of a desire to do things differently. Bored of how house music has developed, with vinyl hit so hard recently and labels desperate to do anything in order to sell a few records; the two Londoners decided back in 2007 that the time was right for a brand new, old school acid act and label. Pressed on 180g vinyl, no downloads, no CDs and no promotion. Using vintage synthesisers and outboard equipment to achieve the Paranoid London sound, the first outing delivered a 3 track warehouse/acid track with K-Alexi chanting over the top. Need we say more?


MIKE DUNN (Clone Records, Traxx) US

Chicago house producer Mike Dunn has been DJing and producing music for over twenty years. Hailing from Englewood in Chicago, he grew up listening to his parents record collection, before falling in love with soul, funk, disco and later house and hip hop. Mike started out DJing at the block parties that took place in and around Englewood in Chicago, playing disco, funk, soul and prototype Chicago house tracks. Word soon spread about his talents and Mike started to get booked for various clubs in and around Chicago. It wasn’t long before he Mike got the production bug, resulting in his first release in 1987, “Dance You Mutha” on Westbrook Records. More house and techno productions followed, with Mike often working under various aliases, such as MDIII, MD Connection and QX-1 to name a few. With Mike also DJing with such people as the legendary Ron Hardy, Larry Heard, Armando to name a few. Other tracks soon followed in Mike’s trademark Chicago house/acid and hip house style. With tracks such as ‘Let It Be House’, ‘Magic Feet’, ‘Phreaky MF’ as well as the underground house anthem ‘ God Made Me Phunky’, (originally released on Nitestuff in 1994 and most recently re-released by Defected records in the UK).

A brief break from house music, led Mike to have a brief fling with his other love, hip hop. Mike moved his attentions to hip hop, becoming the first person to get a joint venture deal via P Diddy’s Bad Boy Records. During Mike’s hip hop period he produced artists such as Public Announcement and Syleena Johnson (including the hit single, ‘Tonight i’m gonna let myself go’).

“I was one of the first cats bringing two reel-to-reels and spinning with them at the parties. I was bringing out two Pioneer 707s, doing the Hummingbird, Jacks, The Courtyard, etc. I’d bring a drum machine, too. I would make tracks right then as the party was going. Way before my guys Daft Punk and all of them were doing live gigs, I was doing that at the basement parties – just bringing drum machines and doing everything live. A lot of my early tracks came from me doing them at the party when the party was going on. I’d save it in memory and bring it home and polish it up. But I listen to it now and it’s like, damn… didn’t use enough cleaner!”