The disturbed members of Borokov from Antwerp Borokov won international attention during their debut for the Berlin Boiler Room on Ampere Open Air. Which resulted in, among other things, shows at CTM in Berlin.
They make a mix of different genres within the wide spectrum of Electronics, Absurdist, experimental and danceable electronics with their typical Flemish singing. Four strong, with analog electronics in front of you. A sympathetic mindfuck for body and soul, so you are warned.

Borokov Borokov live
David Vunk | moustache records | NL
Opium Hum | boiler room | CTM | DE

David Vunk owner of Moustache Records, DJ & Producer for labels as Moustache Records, OMNIDISC, Bordello a Parigi, Electronic Emergencies, Creme Organization, Lunar Disko and many more.

David Vunk is the true beast of the harbor city and the main man behind the ever-playful Moustache Records. On this fine imprint, he drops his own ace tracks and collabs besides a wicked list of West-Coast honchos and synth freaks.

Known for his wide collection and graceful skills he’s been rocking records since the early 90’s all over Europe. and he might end up on your gig as well.

Check his weekly radio show ‘Life is Live’ on Intergalactic FM, each Wednesday night.