What to do if you need to move two epic artists to a new date? Well you make a special night and combine the two, in order to make a legendary night. Ampere hereby proudly presents Denis Sulta & DJ Boring on one night.

Denis Sulta | UK
DJ Boring | UK
Geheimzinnig Soundsystem | BE

About: Denis Sulta

Hector Barbour is 17 years old and trying to get into a club for the first time. Queuing outside Glasgow’s Vic Bar, part of the city’s famous Art School, he couldn’t look more underage if he tried and is questioning the idea of trying to share his friend’s fake ID. Then, somehow, the bouncer gets distracted and he strolls in, towards the club’s distinctive black and white tiled dancefloor. The room is booming with UK dubstep, subby and strange. His friends start talking to girls, but his shyness keeps him on his own. His eyes stay on the DJ, directing everyone around him while standing on his own. It’s then he decides that’s who he’s going to be.

Less than a decade later, he is the 26-year-old known across the world as Denis Sulta: a producer and DJ whose ever-changing hair color mirrors his equally colorful sets, painted with a palette of sonic shades from hard house and trance to disco, warehouse techno, and raucous hip-hop. They’ve taken him from Berghain to Beijing, launching labels Sulta Selects and Sulta Selects Silver Service along the way.

About: DJ Boring

In 2016, Tristan Hallis, better known as DJ BORING, sent shockwaves through the underground when his track “Winona” appeared on the iconic Slav Youtube channel. The track, comprised of simple, melodramatic chords, modulated acidic clangs, a syncopated, chilled out 909 grooves, and a sampled Winona Ryder interview, not only changed the landscape of house music but seemed to define dance music for a new generation.

In the sampled interview, Ryder earnestly says, “It is difficult to be judged, to be reviewed…I was in the middle of doing a reading and she stopped me and said, listen, you are not pretty enough to be an actress. You have to find something else that you want to do.”

“Winona” captures not only the forlorn of the modern music producer but the sentiment of a generation. In an era defined by insecurity and judgment, and in a scene where few seem to make an imprint, it seems there is no hope. Like Ryder, however, Hallis can now look back from his current success, and remember the times when people told him he couldn’t do it.

His’ abilities are beyond simply being able to write clever melodies and stomping rhythms. His unique talent lies in knowing when to pull back when to go all-in when to pause – an instinct that usually takes a year of development, and that he further demonstrates with his prowess behind the decks. Since his debut on DJ Haus’ E-Beamz, he has released music on Lost Palms, LPH White, and his newly founded label, Vienna.