This autumn, Shall Not Fade is celebrating the label’s fourth birthday with its most extensive global club tour yet.
Hitting underground clubs and festivals across the UK and Europe, between November 2019 and February 2020, 4 Years of Shall Not Fade will focus on bringing together the artists who’ve helped sculpt the labels sound over the past 4 years such as Adryiano and KGW and supported by local rising talent Lola Haro and Timmerman. To accompany the tour, the label will release a double vinyl LP entitled ‘Shall Not Fade – 4 Years Of Service’ on November 16th featuring new music from; Kettama, Big Miz, Adryiano, Harrison BDP, LK, Black Loops and 1-800 Girls, amongst others – listen to the album here with the label currently riding high following four years in which it has grown to become one of the most name-checked imprints on the planet, it should be one hell of a tour.

Ampere x Shall Not Fade present

ADRYIANO (Shall Not Fade) UK
KGW (Shall Not Fade) UK

Online Thursday 24 October at 17:00 CET.